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Slip-on White

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  • Light upper

    Shoes with an upper made of high-quality material which adds lightness. Wear your favorite shoes every day and enjoy long and comfortable walks.

  • Fabric interior

    The interior of these shoes has been lined with a durable material, which does not restrict movement. This is the perfect model for everyday wear – especially for active and trendy women.

  • Soft insole

    Feel incredible lightness in your step in comfortable shoes with a soft, fabric insole. In this model you can fully commit to all-day activities.

  • Slip-on and slip-off

    Are you tired of constantly having to tie your shoes? Then choose slip-on footwear, which is characterized by incredible comfort and are very practical. Put shoes on in one motion!

  • For active women

    If you like to be on the go, then reach for footwear on a comfortable and flat sole.

  • Rubber sole

    Enjoy a confident and casual stride in a shoe with a springy rubber sole. The flexible material will give you good grip.



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