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Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star City Trek Waterproof Black Mono

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When it comes to fall weather, expect the unexpected. Converse knows this, and that’s why we designed the Chuck Taylor All Star City Trek WP. It’s a timeless look, now in a boot, with four innovations to get you through fall: waterproofing, comfort, traction, and warmth. Non-wicking canvas helps to keep you dry, while gussets lock the tongue—and warmth—in place. A Converse Traction Utility tread pattern helps keep you steady on rainy commutes. Plus, it comes in easy-to-wear colours to help you ground your fall style.


  • Boot with mixed material upper
  • CX cushioning for next-level comfort
  • Leather quarter panels, and elastic gore heel for easy on or off
  • Waterproof non-wicking canvas gusset tongue to lock in place
  • Converse Traction Utility tread pattern outsole

Chuck Taylor All Star Origins

Created in 1917 as a non-skid basketball shoe, the All Star was originally promoted for its superior court performance by basketball mastermind Chuck Taylor. But over the decades, something incredible happened: The sneaker, with its timeless silhouette and unmistakable ankle patch, was organically adopted by rebels, artists, musicians, dreamers, thinkers and originals.



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40 (7), 40.5 (7.5), 41 (8), 42 (8.5), 42.5 (9), 43 (9.5), 44 (10), 44.5 (10.5), 45 (11), 46 (11.5)

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