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GO Ultra Grey/Pink/Lime

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The new innovation of Lomer which follows the anatomical shape of the foot.

The upper is made up of a single piece seamless and has a TPU Grid with Kevlar cords that help to provide stability and maximum comfort.

Ideal for Trail Running, Nordic Walking and Free time.

Go has our MTX ULTRA lining which is waterproof, breathable, antimicrobial and help to keep your feet fresh whatever the conditions. Find out more in our technology section.

The Vibram sole is light and flexible and the upper is available in a wide variety of colors.

Go has a very comfortable footbed with a special foam base which further increases the comfort of the shoe and moisture management.

It is antimicrobial and ensures a long-term cushioning with excellent breathability and keeps your feet cool.

Watch the video where you can better see the technical features of the GO.



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37, 38, 39

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