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Cristallo 2.0 MTX Flag

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The Cristallo 2.0 MTX is perfect for trekking, hiking on a trail, and summer excursions. This shoe is cemented, so with this costruction we approach the anatomy of the foot and we guarantee more duration and comfort since the first walk. The upper is made of Suede and the performance is guaranteed thanks to the light, solid, stable and grippy Vibram sole. In order to ensure comfort and usability in all conditions Cristallo also includes our tried and tested Mer-Tex lining.

 Vibram Rubber
 Removable – Soft Foam/Textile
 Nylon Antitorsion 3 mm
 36/48 EU
High quality membrane which gives you all the water resistant qualities required, while at the same time allowing your feet to breathe naturally. Check our website or ask in store the indicated use of the selected shoes or boots
Soft Leather
All of the full-grain leather for our shoes is sourcedf rom Italy, and as such offers a luxuriously soft feel, for the ultimate in comfort.
Vibram produce sole units for all kinds of activities and terrains. Across the Lomer range we have selected soles with a great balance of weight and features, so that we can offer a complete collection of boots and shoes that offer both grip and comfort wherever your journey takes you.
Soft Foam Insole
A footbed with a special foam base which further increases the comfort and breathability of the shoe.



Број EU

36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48

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