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All Star Space Cruiser 1V Junior (27-34)

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The high-top, court favorite gets redesigned for kids, and goes out to the galaxies. An all-over print featuring planets, rockets, and astronauts encourages adventure and curiosity, while Chuck Taylor classics like a star ankle patch and midsole stripes keep it grounded. The look is finished with an easy-on strap for simplified on and off, a SmartFOAM sockliner, and softened stitches and linings for added comfort.


  • High-top shoe with canvas upper
  • All-over space graphic featuring rockets, planets, and astronauts
  • One easy-on strap for simplified on and off
  • Heritage design elements like rubber toe bumper and toe cap
  • SmartFOAM sockliner for comfort

Chuck Taylor All Star Origins

Created in 1917 as a non-skid basketball shoe, the All Star was originally promoted for its superior court performance by basketball mastermind Chuck Taylor. But over the decades, something incredible happened: The sneaker, with its timeless silhouette and unmistakable ankle patch, was organically adopted by rebels, artists, musicians, dreamers, thinkers and originals.


Converse Ј

27 (10.5), 28 (11), 28.5 (11.5), 29 (12), 30 (12.5), 31 (13), 31.5 (13.5), 32 (1), 33 (1.5), 33.5 (2), 34 (2.5)

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EUUSДолжина на стапало
2710.517 cm
281117.5 cm
28.511.518 cm
291218.5 cm
3012.519 cm
311319.5 cm
31.513.519.5 cm
32120 cm
331.520.5 cm
33.5221 cm
342.521.5 cm
35322 cm
35.53.522.5 cm
36423 cm
374.523.5 cm
37.5524 cm
385.524.5 cm
38.5624.5 cm
396.525 cm
40725.5 cm
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